Employee Spotlight: Nadia Escudero

Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and we have so many things to be thankful for. Our people - are the biggest asset. We are grateful to have them all on our team. Nadia Escudero is one of them.

Employee Spotlight: Katrina Elias Hens

We want to express our gratitude to Katrina Elias Hens for her dedication and commitment in helping build a strong AlertCentral monitoring team, which we call the heart of Alert-Tech. Katrina is known for her great work attitude and positive spirit.

Employee Spotlight: Jake Whitten

We want to share a story of Jake Whitten, our senior service technician. Jake’s enduring loyalty to the company is a high reward to Alert-Tech and a great example for new generations to follow.

Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Bennett

We are thankful for each team member contributing to Alert-Tech’s growth. We appreciate Stephanie Bennett, our Billing Manager for her loyal twelve years at Alert-Tech and want to share her story with you:

Employee Spotlight: Keith Thomas

With Thanksgiving Day fast approaching, we want to thank each team member for their loyalty and contribution, and recognize what they do. We are thankful to have Keith Thomas on our team who joined us in 2016. Here is his story:

The Future of Alarm Systems

Be careful when writing about the future. Science fiction writers see our future as dark and dysfunctional by building a plot charting our past. Of course, this is fiction and we can take that for what it is.

Timeline of Crime

In the late seventies leading to 1980, we were accustomed to leaving our doors unlocked. Tools were left in our open garages and outside in the yard. In 1980, however, we were about to change our habits.

Get More From Your Keypad

Your keypad can do more than just turn your system on and off. You can use it to make your system more compatible with your lifestyle and schedule, and add convenience! Here are some tips on how to.

We Get a Big Thank You for Doing Our Job

When a state police officer came to our office earlier this week it was not to make an arrest. [...]

Knocking on Doors…

We have often written about the “summer swarms of door-step solicitors” and that season is now again! Yet, to be fair, not all who sell door-to-door are evil purveyors of unscrupulous practices. [...]

Alert-Tech Runs in the Family: Our Legacy Clients

We often hear from clients who mention they were among our first clients. This is the best testimonial we can receive because we are here because of all of you. [...]

An Emergency Alert Button Can be a Life Saver

Not all emergency alert buttons are alike. They perform according to the way they are programmed. [...]

Keeping Track of Your Assets

Business Owners Need Open and Close Reporting These are tough times, and criminals are resorting to desperate measures to get money and merchandise without paying for it [...]

Smoke Detectors Can Help Save Lives

The smell of smoke may not awaken you. As a matter of fact, the poisonous gases can actually put you into a deeper sleep. [...]

Serious Alarm Systems Can be Funny, too!

Voice alarms today accurately announce the alarm as “Fire” or as “Burglary”. The early ones didn’t say Burglary, though. [...]

Moving? Take Alert-Tech with you!

Alert-Tech Systems is dedicated to protecting you and your valuable assets wherever you live [...]