Smoke Detectors Can Help Save Lives
Written by
Robert C. Winter III

The smell of smoke may not awaken you. As a matter of fact, the poisonous gases can actually put you into a deeper sleep. Since the majority of fatal fires happen at night, it is essential to have smoke detectors installed in each bedroom of your home to awaken you in a fire emergency. 

Installing smoke detectors in your home is the best way to protect your family and property. It cost a little more to add these as part of your Alert-Tech security system, but it is worth it! Smoke detectors are your first line of defense against smoke and fire. For the ultimate protection, you have to have at least one on each level of your home and in or near all sleeping areas.

If your home already came with smoke detectors and those are the off-the-shelf battery type, be sure to test them monthly and replace the batteries once a year. There are great differences between the battery-operated smoke detectors you find in any local store and a system smoke detector installed by Alert-Tech. Store-bought smoke detectors are usually “stand alone” and are not connected to other means of annunciation. However, they provide valuable additional warning alongside your Alert-Tech system detectors, and we recommend their added use along with a fire escape plan, safe storage of flammables, and other fire prevention measures! The NFPA points out the need for a loud, local alarm that everyone can hear such the one Alert-Tech Security system provides. The voice alarm that actually cries, “Fire, Leave Immediately!” is the best. When you are home or away, awake or asleep, your system detectors are silently working to protect you and your home. When smoke is detected, the system panel sends the alarm to our local AlertCentral monitoring facility where trained professionals are on duty to not only summon the fire department, but also notify those you designate to be alerted on your behalf. Without this valuable monitoring service, a fire in your home could rage for quite a while before anyone outside would notice. It takes a tremendous amount of heat to break a window, allowing smoke to escape and making the fire visible from the outside. By that time, your home and the lives of your loved ones could be lost!

This season, Alert-Tech offers smoke detectors in your home for only $125 each! If your system does not have the voice alarm, we can install one in your existing system for only $99. Call us at 229.244.7777 for more information about these and carbon monoxide detectors.